Expressive & Wellness Programs at Employment Solutions offers participants full time access to a wide variety of on-site and off-site activities through five diverse programs. With Studio E, Total Fitness, Relish, Art Gardens, and Community Now offered daily there is always something scheduled to enrich a variety of interests. Each program is taught by professional individuals with degrees and specializations in their fields of interest including culinary arts, ceramics, painting, graphic design, horticulture, and fitness.

High quality materials are utilized in all program areas with Studio E offering a professional studio space and artist grade materials. Total Fitness houses a state of the art fully accessible fitness facility with a professionally trained health and wellness instructor. Relish takes pride in being able to introduce core and advanced culinary concepts multiple times daily with a full scale kitchen while incorporating fresh produce from the on-site garden. Lead by a full time horticultural specialist, individuals are able to experience growing and harvesting vegetables in a safe and accessible several acre on-site greenhouse garden. Expressive Programs also offers the opportunity to attend off-site community outings daily with the Community Now Program. Participants are able to experience diverse social and community activities such as King’s Island, locally owned dining establishments, coffee shops, Comedy-Off Broadway, and Thursday Night Live.