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Message From The CEO

Another great year has flown by. Among the most significant occurrences of the past 12 months is that three of our employees became proud new parents. It is appropriate that such events be celebrated at work.

Of all the places other than our homes, work is where the overwhelming majority of us spend most of our time. Work is where we make friendships. Work is how we utilize our talents and interests to make life better not only for ourselves but for our community as a whole.

Employment Solutions is a place where employees are valued and a place where work is honored—our name says it all.




2016-2017 At A Glance

• Successfully job placed 84 people with disabilities into employment.

• Attained six-year accreditation with the Council on Occupational Education.

• Successfully job placed 66 College for Technical Education students into employment.

• Provided employment and other day services to over 150 persons with intellectual disabilities.

• Bluegrass Career Services is the #1 Supported Employment provider in the state of Kentucky.

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• Served over 167,000 meals to children living in low-income neighborhoods.

• Generated $3 million in sales of products and services to other businesses and individuals.

• Provided over 8,500 hours of one-on-one community exploration activities for persons with intellectual disabilities.

• Provided residential services to 36 people with intellectual disabilities.

• Bluegrass Career Services has been contracted by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Office for the Blind to provide Career Education and Employment Services to transition students in the local school system. Currently we are serving over 350 students in Fayette County Public Schools.

“Employment Solutions is an organization that promotes personal and economic independence."

Mission Statement